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Jack is a male given name, although in some cases it can be used as a female given name (a shortened versioned of “Jacqueline” or “Jackie”, for example), and sometimes as a surname. In English it is traditionally used as the diminutive form of the given name John, though it is also often given as a proper name in its own right. It can also sometimes be a nickname for Jonathan, Jackson, James, Jason, or Jacob.

The name Jack is unusual in the English language for its frequency of use as a verb and a noun for many common objects and actions, and its use in many compound words and phrases, e.g.: apple jack, hijack, jack of clubs (playing card), jack straw (scarecrow), jack tar (sailor), jack-in-the-box, jack-of-all-trades, jack o’lantern, jackdaw, jackhammer, jackknife, jackpot, lumberjack, union jack, etc. The Encyclopædia Britannica article on the history of the word “jack” linked it directly to the common name: “Jack, a word with a great variety of meanings and applications, all traceable to the common use of the word as a by-name of a man.”

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