ハンドボール女子日本代表の愛称は「ORIHIME JAPAN」です。
私たちは「ORIHIME JAPAN」の活躍に期待しています。

The 2019 World Women’s Handball Championship, the 24th event hosted by the International Handball Federation, will be held in Japan from 30 November to 15 December 2019.
Kumamoto region will be entrusted with the organization of the World Championship. Additionally the Japanese Organizing Committee will have a venue in Tokyo in order to prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games. Kumamoto has had a lot of experience with handball tournaments, hosting the 1997 Men’s World Championships.
In the group stage, teams are ranked according to points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss). After completion of the group stage, if two or more teams have scored the same number of points, the ranking will be determined as follows

Highest number of points in matches between the teams directly involved;
Superior goal difference in matches between the teams directly involved;
Highest number of goals scored in matches between the teams directly involved (or in the away match in case of a two-team tie);
Superior goal difference in all matches of the group;
Highest number of plus goals in all matches of the group;
If the ranking of one of these teams is determined, the above criteria are consecutively followed until the ranking of all teams is determined. If no ranking can be determined, a decision shall be obtained by IHF through drawing of lots.

During the group stage, only criteria 4–5 apply to determine the provisional ranking of teams.

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