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Green, known in Japan as Blue (ブルー Burū) is the thief who stole the starter Pokémon, Squirtle, from Professor Oak as, having been kidnapped long ago by Ho-Oh, she could never have a Pokédex, nor her own Pokémon, because no one knew she was from Pallet Town, and no one would find reason to offer these gifts to a stranger. She makes her debut in Volume 2, by trying to sell fake items to Red after flirting with him. As the series progressed, however, she decides to team up with the other Pallet Town trainers, Red and Blue, in order to defeat Sabrina of Team Rocket.

Green returned later in the saga, having qualified for the Pokémon League Tournament. She progressed through the tournament and made it into the semifinals, but was defeated by Professor Oak, who used bird Pokémon, as it was her phobia. Upon learning of her problem, Professor Oak took pity on her, gave her the third Pokédex and forgave her for stealing his Squirtle.

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